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1. Main propulsion

  • 2 x Cummins VT 12-800-M: V 12 cylinder, 4 cycle, twin turbocharged and intercooled, 1710, 5 ½” bore, 6” stroke (28,027 cc, 140 x 152mm); 8” exhaust pipes vent to funnel. Fresh water cooling with seawater heat exchangers. 24v electric start and alternators.  Cruising speed of approx 10.5 knots at 1500 rpm.

  • Morse clutch,  gear and speed control  units in wheelhouse and starboard bridge wing connected by cables to main engines.

  • Twin Disc MG521 gears, 4.087:1 reduction, with 56” x 47” 3 blade  outward rotating Michigan Wheel bronze propellers.

2. Generators 

  • Main: 2 x Caterpillar 3304PCT, 4 cylinder, turbocharged, 425 (7,000 cc) engines, driving Caterpillar SRCR, 75 kW continuous rating @ 1500 rpm, 50Hz, 400v 3-phase 4 wire, 0.8 p.f. . Fresh water cooling with heat exchangers.  24v electric start and alternators.  5” exhaust pipes  vent to funnel.

  • Auxiliary: Kohler 24EOZ  (20 kW at 1500rpm, 50 Hz) driven by Yanmar 4TNE84-T, 4 cylinder, turbocharged 122 cu. in. (1,995cc),  400v 3-phase 4 wire. Fresh water cooling with heat exchanger.  12v electric start and alternator.  Water silenced exhaust through hull on starboard side.

  • Harbour/emergency generator (on deck) Deutz D226-3D Stamford 31kW  400v 50 Hz 3-phase 4 wire, radiator cooled,  diesel tank built into base with 24v starting batteries and alternator.

3. Steering Gear – twin rudders stainless steel hanging rudders with integral shafts

  • Yamamoto YMR 20M Electro–hydraulic , 24v DC control unit manual hydraulic wheel or power assisted push button control, integral rudder indicator, and remote control; twin hydraulic  actuator  rams in aft steering compartment powered by  380v 3-phase 1 hp motor driving hydraulic pump.

  • Emergency wheel with worm drive and steel cables in steering compartment

4. Air conditioning System – replaced 2013

  • Daikin 24,000 BThU ceiling mount in wheelhouse, with 3 phase air-cooled compressor on deck outboard of port crane

  • Daikin 24,000 BThU ceiling cassette unit in main saloon, with 3 phase air-cooled compressor on deck outboard of starboard crane

  • Daikin 12,000 BThU wall unit in main deck office, sea water cooled compressor/condenser located in port fwd engine room, with  Sanso 311 sea water cooling pump

  • “Marine Air System” 16,000 BThU DX fan coil with squirrel blower in upper galley with sea water cooled compressor/condenser located in engine room, stbd side with  Sanso 311 cooling pump

  • 2 units, Daikin 9,000 BThU wall units in aft guest twin cabins  with sea water cooled compressor/condenser located in steering compartment, with individual Sanso 311 cooling pumps

  • Daikin 12,000 BThU wall units in aft double guest cabin  with sea water cooled compressor/condenser located in steering compartment, with Sanso 311 cooling pump

  • Daikin 24,000 BThU ceiling mount in crew mess,  sea water cooled 3 phase compressor/condenser located in engine room stbd side with  Sanso 611 cooling pump

  • Daikin 12,000 BThU wall unit in forward guest cabin on main deck with sea water cooled compressor/condenser in crew mess stbd side next to FW pump system, with  Sanso 311  cooling pump

  • “Marine Air System” 7,000 BThU sea water cooled standalone unit in captain’s cabin with outlet ducted to ceiling, Sanso 211 cooling pump in crew mess, port side

  • “Marine Air System” 7,000 BThU sea water cooled standalone unit in stbd crew cabin with outlet ducted to ceiling. Sanso 311 pump

  • “Marine Air System” 5,000 BThU sea water cooled standalone unit in port crew  cabin with outlet ducted to ceiling, Sanso 311 pump

5. Fresh Watermakers/Desalinators

  • Evaporator Desalinator Beaird Maxim HJ20 capacity 960 gallons per day.  Jacket water can supply from main propulsion engines or hot water heaters. 380v 3-phase pump in ER.   Salinity sensor and control panel 

6. Air Compressorst

  • Engine Room: Tank mounted  2 cylinder,  10Kg/ cm2 max pressure, 2hp  380v 3-phase motor  for horns and utility air tools 

  • Bauer Mariner 200E Dive Compressor, 330 bar,  driven by 4kW 3-phase electric motor

7. Engine room ventilation: 2 12”  axial fan units port side plus 17” axial fan centre and 3 12” axial fans on starboard side  ducted  from upper deck ;  1 exhaust blowers in engine room and and  4 axial fans drawing hot air from engine room exhausting into funnel   (all  motors  400vAC, 3 phase).​​

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Electrical System

1. AC Power is taken from 3-phase shore supply or from any on-board generator, see above. Generators are non-synchronous.

2. DC 24V System – lead acid batteries

  • 2 sets for utility supply, of each of 8 225ah 6v deep-cycle batteries, housed in ventilated stainless steel battery storage lockers, in engine room, port side

  • 2 sets of 2 batteries each (capacity 24v 200ah per set) for main engine starting in port side locker

  • 2 sets of  2 batteries each (capacity 24v 120ah per set) for generator starting, in port side locker

  • Emergency supply: 4 x 6v 225ah batteries in Engine Room for Victron inverter supplying AC to refrigeration for food storage

  • Emergency supply: 4 x 6v 225ah batteries on deck port side aft of wheelhouse for gyros and radios and GPS, charged from Victron Inverter

3. DC 12V System

  • Utility supply: 1 sets of 4 x 6v 225 ampere/hours  lead acid battery batteries each located in engine room in vented stainless steel locker between main engines (to port) for utility supply and standby generator starting

4. Battery Charging System

  • 3 Victron 3 phase 24v  50 amp battery chargers and Vetus 12v 20 amp in engine room

  • 24v alternators on engines, and main generators, 12v alternator on auxiliary generator

  • 2 Victron Multiplus Inverter chargers in ER, and wheelhouse for emergency supply to radio, navigation,  and food refrigeration

5. Shore Connection System

  • Input on deck port and starboard side 380-415v 3 wire 3-phase supply

  • 1 unit isolating transformer (32 KVA, 415/400/380v, 3 phase delta-star) installed in engine room, with phase sequence detector, breakers and fuses and changeover switches between shore power and auxiliary generators .

  • Mechanical interlock on main switchboard control solenoid activated contactor in main switchboard to isolate main generators when connected to auxiliary or  shore power. 

  • Output Power Connectors – weatherproof sockets both sides for  230v single phase supply tor other vessels alongside

  • Input on deck aft side of wheelhouse for 400v 3 phase 4 wire harbour generator.

6. Main Switch Board & Distribution System

  • 1 unit Supercraft custom made main AC switch board in engine room port forward bulkhead, and DC switchboard to starboard, with Square D magnetic contactors and cut-outs for 3-phase motors

  • 5 distribution panels in engine room, fore cabin, rear cabin, main deck and bridge respectively.  Marine grade double insulated armoured cable and Square D miniature circuit breakers are used throughout the distribution system.

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Pumps & Piping System

1. Bilge Water Pumping System

  • Dual controls from bilge water high level indicator/alarm panel in Wheelhouse, 7 zones

  • 7 units DC 24v bilge pumps (Johnson F5B or Jabsco) serving 5 water-tight compartments

  • EngineRoom: 1” Jabsco 777 bilge pump (AC 3 phase motor), and 2 24v pumps discharging  through WaveStream2 oil separation filter unit

  • Lowara CA70-45  3-phase centrifugal 1½” deck wash pump can be switched for bilge suction

  • Jabsco 1½” AC 3-phase Utility Impeller Pump in Steering Compartment for fire or emergency bilge suction 

  • 4 units 220v AC portable submersible pumps for standby use

2. Fuel Oil System

  • 2 service tanks in engine room and 8 storage tanks providing total capacity of over 5,100 gallons

  • 1 unit “Liquid Control” flow gauge with metered quantity pre-selector and air detection automatic cut off installed on port after bulkhead in engine room above the change-over valves of fuel oil tanks

  • Main:  fuel oil transfer gear pump (1hp 380v 3-phase) in engine room

  • Secondary: 240 gph gear pump (AC 230v motor) filtering through 3  Racor 1000 series 360 gph fuel cleaning filters 

  • Standby: JABSCO 24v diesel transfer vane pump and hand pump in engine room

3. Fire & General Service Pumps

  • 1 unit “AJAX’ type 1½” centrifugal  LS general service pump (1 ½ HP AC  380V, 3-phase motor), and change-over valves for use as ER and forward compartment bilge pump, instead of  forward fire hydrans.

  • 1 unit “AJAX’ type 1½” centrifugal  LS general service pump (1½ HP AC 380V, 3-phase motor) for boat deck and aft deck fire hydrants and emergency ER bilge pumping

  • Portable hand-start Yanmar diesel 50mm trash pump

  • Jabsco 1½” Fire/emergency bilge pump in steerage  (1 HP AC 380V, 3-phase motor)

4. Chain and Anchor Washing Pumps

  • Ebara AC 3 phase pumps selectable for port or starboard hawse pipe chain wash

  • Lowara CA70-45 stainless centrifugal 1½” pump (400v 3-phase, 1½hp  motor) deck/chain wash,  with changeover suction valves  for use emergency bilge pump

5. Sump Tank Pumps

  • Jabsco 50880 diaphragm pumps , DC 24V motor for grey water tanks

  • Main black water tank (400 litres) with Jabsco 59090 24v diaphragm pump for overboard dumping,  or alongside suction options

6. Lavatories

  • 3 – Raritan Jet Head, DC 24V motor, one in each aft guest bathroom drained to black water sump tank and discharged after maceration.

  • 2 Jabsco 58240 24v Macerator toilets in Captain and Crew bathrooms with selectors for fresh or seawater flushing

  • 2 domestic type WC (salt or fresh water flush):  in aft saloon washroom,  and in fwd guest stateroom

  • Custom stainless steel urinal in deck saloon washroom!

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